Tuesday, January 26, 2016


食谱取自Table for 2.....or more

450gm butter
200gm sugar
10 medium eggs
510gm condensed milk    (只用360g)
240gm cake flour
340gm dried pitted prunes  (我切成条状,只用200g怕太甜)

1. Beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
2. Add in eggs one by one. Beating well after each addition.
3. Mix in condensed milk
4. Add cake flour to batter and mix well.
5. Preheat Oven in grill mode at 220C.
6. Line the base of a 9X9 inch baking pan and grease the sides. Preheat the pan over a pot of hot water or in the preheating oven
7. Place one ladle of (A) in the hot pan.
8. Spread batter evenly. Tilt pan left and right to level batter.
9. Grill for 7 minutes or until cake layer turns golden.
10. Remove cake pan from oven and press cake layer to release air.
11. Arrange flattened prunes on top of layer .
12. Continue baking until all batter is used up.
13. When done, leave to cool on wire rack for 10 minutes and overturn the cake. Peel the lining paper. Let the base dry properly and make sure the whole cake has cooled down before storing.

Table for 2.....or more 的温馨提醒:

1. If u find this cake dry, don't worry. It moistens up the next day. Anyway, it doesn't taste good on the same day. Just keep the whole cake in a tupperware.
2. Layer cakes can keep very well and they taste better when aged. 2 months in the fridge is not a problem. A week in room temperature is no problem. So, take ur time to slowly savour the cake, slice by slice.

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