Friday, September 26, 2014


食谱取自Table for two..... Or more

250gm pau flour
83gm whole meal flour
17gm wheat bran
1 tsp baking powder
50gm sugar
Small pinch of salt
5gm instant yeast
160gm warm water
Pinch of sugar
18gm shortening

1. Proof yeast with water and pinch of sugar. Wait for it to bubble. As long as there are some bubbles, good enough.
2. Mix everything together and knead to form a non sticky dough. The surface should be smooth (with the whole meal flour it’s hard to see, but look at the white flour part.. it should be smooth.
3. Cover and let it proof for 1 hour or until doubled.
4. Divide dough into 12 pieces, about 48gm each
5. Wrap with cha siew fillings (refer pic)
6. Let it proof for another 45 minutes.
7. Steam on high heat for 12 minutes

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